Due The Right Things is a Call to Action

Due The Right Things is a call to action for citizens to be engaged by sharing information and stories on our trusted digital platform to end police brutality, overreach, and government inaction by our elected officials..


Due The Right Things is an open-source community effort designed to bring about accountability, transparency, and fairness by the police and government.

Due The Right Things is a now is the time movement to build community in the RIGHT way through investment in people with an emphasis on education, jobs, food, health care, housing, and voting rights instead of pathways to prison, poverty and in recent cases death.


Due The Right Things helps to empower citizens to be pro-active, community driven, and independent of police and government filtering.


Due The Right Things is a plea to our law enforcement and government to partner with us in building stronger communities and all people.  Not only will we shed light on what’s wrong, but also with what is right.


Isn’t it DUE TIME for police and government to DUE THE RIGHT THINGS?


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“The time is always right to do the right thing” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

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