New Electoral Maps – New Elections

DTRT has worked with redistricting efforts statewide to produce fair and consistent electoral maps giving the power and voice back to the people who elected their representatives rather than gerrymandered and non-competitive districts.

The courts have ruled and have through the work of non-partisan map drawers, have developed new maps that will require new elections at the local, state and federal levels.

These new election changes at the local level include new electoral maps in the City of Virginia Beach, where the old at-large system has been changed to a district-only and mayor at- large voting system. This November, there will be elections on City Council and School Board. DTRT wants you to stay informed and aware of these changes.

Whether you’re a concerned citizen or if you’re interested in running, visit our website and use the resources we will post here to keep you informed.

Stay current and its time to DUE THE RIGHT THING!