What does not having Something in the Water Festival mean for the resort city?

WTKR News Channel 3 in Hampton Roads investigated the financial impact of the cancellation of the Something in the Water Festival which generated $1.19 million in tax revenue for the City of Virginia Beach in 2019.

Virginia Beach businessman turns down plans with Pharrell to host comedian Dave Chappelle at historic Cavalier hotel

Bruce Thompson, one of the owners of the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, has decided against allowing comedian Dave Chappelle to perform at his venue, citing concerns about the content of his material and parking concerns.


Redistricting Commission that decides legislative districts can’t agree on legislative maps

The newly created bipartisan redistricting commission made up of elected officials and citizen members from both the Republican and Democratic Parties has decided to give up on drawing state legislative maps and punt the decision to the State’s Supreme Court.

A year into legal sales, medical marijuana patients see high prices and long waits

Delays with application processing combined with a limited number of suppliers are causing serious issues with Virginia’s year old medical marijuana program.


The Local Elected Officials Who Are Tanking Police Reform

The National Sheriffs Association is objecting to proposals that would make elected sheriffs liable for the misconduct of their deputies. Even the Fraternal Order of Police is calling their position unreasonable.

How voter suppression laws hurt White people

While voter supression laws disproportionalte harm minority voters, many white voters also find themselves negatively affected by measures designed to make voting more difficult.