Sign the Petition to Oppose Changes to Virginia Beach’s New Voting System

After a Federal lawsuit in 2020 invalidated Virginia Beach’s racially discriminatory election system and a new state statute in 2021 eliminated the at-large voting system for seats with residency requirements, voters in the recent November election were able to directly elect their council members.

The results of this historic election provided Virginia Beach with the most diverse city council in history, electing three African-Americans. In addition, the new election system provided citizens direct representation and allowed candidates to campaign without the costs of running expensive city-wide campaigns. In some district races, special interests and developer money contributed over $100,000 or more on some of the losing candidates.

Now Mayor Bobby Dyer, who fought regularly against the new election system, plans on turning back the clock to the old system that favors special interest groups and the shadow government of the elite and well-connected.

Tell Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dyer and members of City Council that you oppose any changes to our new district voting system.

Sign our petition today!

Oppose Changes to Our New Voting System

“The time is always right to do the right thing” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

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