On Tuesday November 16th, 2021, Virginia Beach’s City Council will hold a vote on the proposed policies and procedures for a new Independent Citizen Review Board to “ensure that reports and conclusions of the Police Department’ s Internal Affairs Office investigations involving abuse of authority or other serious misconduct are complete, accurate, and factually supported.” 

While we respect the unanimous decision of the task force council appointed to study this issue and believe the proposed policies and procedures represent a major step in the right direction, we are requesting specific changes be made to three areas of the document prior to its approval.

  1. The board should be empowered to select its own coordinator without oversight by the City Manager.


  2. Requesting a subpoena should require only a simple majority vote of the board.


  3. The board should be empowered to make specific disciplinary recommendations to the City Manager.

Included below are the precise amendments we have prepared to the document to enact our requests.  

Page 2: The City Manager will designate The Independent Citizens Review Board shall select an existing staff member or hire from a pool of Independent Citizens Review Board vetted applicants, a Board Coordinator. The Board Coordinator may monitor investigations, and will conduct trend analysis, and coordinate community outreach with applicable City staff. City staff and resources will be made available to the Board Coordinator as appropriate so as to facilitate the execution of duties. 

Page 11: A super majority of the Board will be required to approve any request which shall be filed by counsel who will be bound by the rules of procedure and ethics in such application. Any application shall seek specific and relevant information that cannot be obtained by voluntary means or other recourse. See Rule Section 4: 9 of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia. See also Code of Virginia Section 9. 1- 601( D). After such steps, the Board must approve the application by an affirmative vote of at least 8 6 members. If the Board approves the request, then such application shall be made to a Circuit Court Judge no sooner than five ( 5) business days after the Board has notified Internal Affairs, the City Attorney and the Commonwealth’ s Attorney that such application is to be made.

Page 13: The Board may recommend to the City Manager a specific disciplinary action be taken, that a specific Police Department policy or procedure be revised or amended, setting forth specifics and the Board’ s rationale for the recommended changes recommendations

[pdf-embedder url="https://www.duetherightthings.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Virginia-Beach-Citizen-Review-Board-Draft-Policy-and-Procedures.pdf"]