A special grand jury has declined to bring charges against police officer Solomon D. Simmons III for the fatal shooting of Donovon Lynch at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront on March 26th, 2021. Here are 7 questions we have about the investigation that we demand the City of Virginia Beach answer.

1. Why did the Commonwealth Attorney’s investigation, according to Attorney Lang spend so much of its time tracking down and dealing with “assertions” instead of focusing primarily on the facts regarding the actions of Officer Simmons and Donovon Lynch?

2. Why did it appear there was a continued effort to impugn the character of Donovon and portray him as threatening, by mentioning his height, weight, the size of hands and his blood alcohol content at the time of the shooting?  Why was Donovon’s blood alcohol content mentioned when there was no mention of Officer Simmons’ blood alcohol content, especially since the Grand Jury Report dated November 16, 2021, recommended “that police officers be tested for alcohol and drugs immediately following an officer involved shooting or incident”.

3. Under Donovon’s 2nd Amendment rights, what did he do that night that was illegal and gave cause for him to be shot by Officer Simmons? Wasn’t the gun legally owned by Donovon and wasn’t he legally permitted to carry the weapon?  Wasn’t he legally able to protect himself after having heard the same gunshots the officers heard? Didn’t the investigation show he never pointed the gun at Officer Simmons and he never fired the weapon?

4. Why did the initial reports from the VB Police Department suggest there was no Body Camera (BC) video of the events that took place on the night of the shooting and during the investigation, we find out that there was over a 100 hours of video footage? Why were only portions of the BC footage as well as the witness interviews released to the public?

5. Since Attorney Lang mentioned there was DNA on Donovon’s weapon other than Donavon’s, did the investigation rule out that this other DNA did not belong to any of the officers on the scene that night?

6. Since it was reported that Donovon was pronounced deceased after he had been moved from the site of the shooting, did this movement contribute to or cause his death?

7. Video footage just prior to Donovon being shot showed several officers in a chaotic situation in a nearby parking lot. With weapons drawn and potential suspects fleeing, these officers showed professionalism, restraint and handled the arrests without firing their weapons.  Did Officer Simmons show the same level of restraint minutes later when he encountered Donovon who never pointed his weapon at the officer?