More than 8 months after Deshayla Harris was murdered at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, her mother is still searching for respect and answers. In our exclusive interview with the mother of Deshayla Harris, we discuss the night of Deshayla’s murder and her journey to obtain accountability, justice, and closure.

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The full exclusive interview with the mother of Deshayla Harris is 27 minutes long, you can jump to specific segments below:

1. The Lack of Communication from Virginia Beach Police and ATF on Ballistics – More than 8 months after the murder of her daughter, Ms. Harris still cannot get answers on the type of gun used in the crime from the Virginia Beach Police Department or the ATF, who has physically possession of the bullet

2. Honoring Deshayla’s life and legacy – Listen as Ms. Harris beautifully describes the life and legacy of her daughter.¬†

3. An Unbelievable Amount of Insensitivity from City Leaders¬†– It was not until October of 2021 that Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dyer met with Ms. Harris. Immediately following the crime, Virginia Beach Police Chief Paul Neudigate appeared “misinformed” about the lack of communication between his department and Deshayla’s family.

4. Police notified Deshayla’s mother via Facebook on DeShayla’s phone, then deleted Deshayla’s Instagram and Twitter accounts – Virginia Beach Police never formally notified DeShayla’s mother of her death, instead they answered a FaceTime call from DeShayla’s phone. When Deshayla’s mother recieved the phone back from police, it was locked and Deshayla’s Instagram and Twitter accounts had been deleted.¬†