Linwood Branch
Virginia Beach City Council Member
Phone Number: +17576337094

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Council Member Branch was appointed by the City Council on October 5, 2021, to fill the unexpired term for the Lynnhaven district seat vacated by James Wood. He had previously served as the Beach district representative to the Council from 1992-2002. Branch has also served on numerous boards and commissions spanning over three decades, including the Chamber of Commerce, United Way, Virginia Beach Development Authority, Hampton Roads Transportation District Commission, City Landscaping Committee and Virginia Beach Clean Community Commission. Branch currently serves as the City Council liaison to the Advertising Advisory Committee, Atlantic Park Community Development Authority, Bayfront Advisory Commission, Process Improvement Steering Committee and Resort Advisory Commission

During his first term on Council, Branch worked with resort stakeholders to develop a comprehensive events program and a tourism reinvestment plan which has funded such things as the new boardwalk, Atlantic Avenue improvements, the Aquarium, Convention Center, and the Sports Center. He strongly supported initiatives such as the Agricultural Reserve Program and Open Space Program, which has preserved many thousands of acres of land. Currently a member of the Virginia Beach Police Foundation, he has also served on numerous law enforcement support groups, including the Friends of the Mounted Patrol and the Second Precinct Citizens Advisory Committee. In 2004, he was asked to chair the effort to raise $12 million in private funds to help build the Sandler Center for the Performing Arts, and the Foundation that was created exceeded that goal by $2.5 million. In 2007, Branch received the high honor of being named Virginia Beach First Citizen for these efforts.

The priorities Branch outlined during the appointment process include workforce development, community policing, and working to make homelessness rare and non-recurring. He is a Council liaison to the Resort Advisory Committee and the Advertising Advisory Committee.

Branch is a 1977 graduate of Randolph-Macon College. He resides in Virginia Beach with his wife Robin and children Easton and Lindsey.